Posting and Sharing Photos Online
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Posting and Sharing Photos online

As we've discussed before, the internet offers lots of great opportunities to share your nonprofit's personal stories, including text, video, and photographs. has become one of the most popular photo sharing sites online. It allows anyone to upload their pictures for free, and it also has lots of great tools for sharing and displaying those photos.

The most important feature in Flickr and similar sites is the tag. Tags allow users to attach keywords to their photos so they can easily be searched by anyone. Flickr also offers the option to create and share a slideshow of photos based on selected tags. For example, I searched the tags "URJ Eisner" and clicked the "Slideshow" link to create a slideshow in Flickr; a number of pictures from their recent 50th Anniversary celebration can be found there. Then, I clicked the "Share" link to automatically create a link to the slideshow or even special code that can be used to embed the slidshow on any website or blog. If you scroll down this blog, you'll see the resulting slideshow on the right side of the page.

Nonprofits can ask their constituents to post pictures to Flickr with specific tags on all of them (like "URJ Eisner" or "Tamarack Camps Alumni Day 2008?) so that they can easily be searched and aggregated. Also, a nonprofit can create a Flickr photo Group that constituents can add their photos to. Camps can upload their own photos to the group as well. This may include old archived photos from the camp or from camp yearbooks that have been scanned.

Are you using Flickr or another Photo Sharing site? If so, how?