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Meet Your Match 2 Nets Nearly $8 Million for Jewish Camps
Meet Your Match 2, a $2-million matching grant program ending in May 2008, challenged 13 camps to secure gifts of $10,000-plus in support of capital improvements. The Harold Grinspoon Foundation matched eligible gifts at a 1:3 ratio, disbursing up to $200,000 per camp.
Significant Results of Meet Your Match 2:
$6M raised in pledges from 13 participating camps
$1.8M matched by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Total of $7.8M going toward Jewish camping
218 individual gifts to camps
96% of the gifts came from first-time donors
Range of pledges: $10,000 - $225,000
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"This program proved to be a very valuable addition to our capital campaign. Not only did it help us raise more money but it also helped motivate us to begin the process. ….Our construction plans for this winter should result in a quantum leap in the quality of our camp."

- Irving Potter, Volunteer Leader, Camp B'nai B'rith