JCamp 180 Annual Conference
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2015 Annual Conference

Save the Date for our 2015 Annual Conference:

November 1-2 2015
Springfield, MA


2014 Annual Conference

Building a Culture of Inquiry: Ask and Answer the Right Questions

November 2-3, 2014
Springfield, MA

Why? How? What If?

Have you noticed that campers, especially younger ones, seem to be experts at asking questions? Doesn't it seem that children have abundant natural curiosity? Why are they so quick to inquire about the ways their world works? What if we bring that love of inquiry to the grown-ups charged with leading Jewish camps in the 21st century? Could inquiry help set an inspiring future vision for our camps? How might asking the right questions help to develop more effective strategies to achieve that vision?  Can asking better questions improve our ability to attract the people and resources we need to be successful? How will you learn to ask and answer the right questions anyway? Will we answer these questions at the 2014 JCamp 180 Conference: Building a Culture of Inquiry: Ask and Answer the Right Questions?

The 2014 JCamp 180 Annual Conference will be held November 2 and 3, 2014 at the Springfield Sheraton Hotel!

Did You Know?

JCamp 180 is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year! If you were involved with JCamp 180 (formerly the Grinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropy) in 2004, let us know about your early experiences and what your work with JCamp 180 has meant to you and your camp.

Who Should Attend?

Our conference is designed to meet the needs of executive and lay leaders as well as development professionals of our affiliated Jewish camps and partner organizations. Workshop content is devoted primarily to JCamp 180's core focus areas: Fundraising, Board Development, Strategic Planning, and Technology. And throughout the conference we encourage all attendees to take advantage of informal networking opportunities with new and old peers who share our passion for Jewish camp.

Conference Schedule

The conference took place on Sunday, November 2 and Monday, November 3 in Springfield, MA. We've created a high-level conference schedule to help you with your travel planning.

Want to review the detailed workshop sessions we offered this year? You can find them at the following links:

Conference Registration is Closed

Registration is now closed for our 2014 conference.

Thanks to the generosity of Harold Grinspoon, registration is free for all attendees.

Conference Highlights

The conference will kick off with a keynote by Warren Berger, best-selling author of A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas. Each camp will receive one copy of his book at the conference; we hope the keynote and the book will help your camp staff and lay leadership ask and answer the right questions all year long.

Last year we introduced short "Spark" presentations to our conference. Thanks to positive feedback, we are bringing back these short presentations. After the initial keynote, four short "Sparks" will be spread throughout the conference. We are excited about the new roster of speakers this year. Be sure to stay through lunch on Monday so you don't miss any!

We hope these fantastic speakers will inspire conversation within the conference and online. To facilitate conversation, please use our conference hashtag #JCampConf on Twitter and Facebook as you consider the ideas presented and how they might impact you and your camp. We will also offer opportunities for participants who do not use Social Media to get involved in the discussion.

Our conference will also continue to feature many guest experts. They will provide a fresh look at Fundraising, Board Development, Strategic Planning, and Technology. We are excited about the incredible expertise we have assembled to provide every conference attendee with new, useful content.

Pack Your Camp T-shirt

Yes, our conference is an opportunity for Jewish camp staff and lay leadership to learn new skills and bring innovative plans and ideas back to camp. But this is camp after all, so don't forget to have some fun! Make sure you pack your Camp T-shirt when you travel to Springfield. Traditionally, Monday is Camp T-shirt day at the conference, but feel free to wear your camp swag proudly throughout the weekend.

Travel Details

Once you register, make your travel plans to ensure your space. If you register for the early Sunday morning sessions or any of the post-conference training sessions on Monday afternoon, make your travel plans accordingly.

5th Annual JCamp 180 Awards

The Annual JCamp 180 Awards honor those that have demonstrated outstanding achievements over the past year in the field of Jewish camp. This year's winners will be announced following dinner on Sunday, November 2. You can find our award winners from the past five years on our website.

Nominate this year's JCamp 180 Award winners!

Nominations for this year's JCamp 180 Awards are now closed. We will open nominations for our 2015 Awards in late Summer 2015. Stay tuned!