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2008 Conference - Workshops

Using Technology to Reach Fundraising and Outreach Goals

Monday afternoon breakout session presentation.  Describes the current state of the Technology Program, including current and future changes. Also details how technology can be used to gather and maintain constituent data, communicate with constituents, and engage constituents.

Click here to download the PDF version of the presentation.

Social Networking - What is it and Why Should I Care

Monday afternoon breakout session presentation.  Defines Social Media, why is it important, and how camps can utilize the functionality to engage constituents and build community.  Also details a number of specific social media tools and how specific camps are using them.

Click here to download the PDF version of this presentation.

Guidelines for Date Acquisition & Maintenance

A document detailing various processes and services to update and maintain constituent data.

Click here to download the PDF version of this document.

Wizdom Session: Board Development

Facilitator: Julia Riseman, with Natasha Dresner (Grinspoon Institute Mentor), Mark Kram (Grinspoon Institute Mentor), Alan Messinger (Habonim Dror Camping Association),  and Jeff Usem (Herzl Camp).  This open workshop was built around participants' specific questions regarding difficult problems around Board Development.  The workshop reviewed the Grinspoon Institute's free web-based resources as possible solutions, including Board Profile Worksheet, Board Tasks in Fundraising, Prospective Board Member Information Sheet, Board Meeting Evaluation, Board Staff Roles Worksheet, Board Member Agreement, and on-line articles.

Click here to find a list of the Grinspoon Institute's free web-based resources.

Are You Bored on Your Board?

This workshop is designed to equip board presidents, other board members and executive directors with the tools to prevent and save their boards and camps from stagnation, boredom, frustration underperformance and failure.

This workshop is for you if you have ever:

  • felt frustrated with a fellow member who is not paying attention
  • been bored and/or sleepy during a board meeting
  • felt that you're the only one doing the work

Please find many of the materials discussed in the session below:

  1. The session handout*
  2. The notes from the session* (manifestations of a bored board and ideas/best practices from participants)
  3. "TIPS to make GOOD GROUP DECISIONS" by Craig Freshley
  4. "Taming the Troublesome Board member" by Katha Kissman (through "BoardSource")
  5. "Is Your Nonprofit Board Bored? Eight Ways to Keep Them Awake" article by Joanne Fritz
  6. "Is Your Board Bored?" Article by Grace Andrews
  7. "Meeting Smarter: A Guide to Better Nonprofit Board Meetings" by Outi Flynn
  8. Sample Governance committee job description
  9. Use outside consultants/Grinspoon Institute mentors
  10. More Board Development and Governance resources in the Grinspoon Institute Knowledge Center.

Legacy Program

Legacy giving is the most significant source of future charitable funds.  To ensure that camps have the confidence and skills to secure legacy gifts, the Grinspoon Institute has launched a Camp Legacy "pilot."  It provides annual $10,000 "no strings attached" incentive grants for two years along with staff and lay leadership training in planned giving tools, solicitation, and donor cultivation strategies.  Learn what it takes to make legacy giving work for your camp.

Click here to download the Camp Legacy Program description.

Click here to download the Legacy Stories PowerPoint presentation.

Board Governance

This innovative session is designed for Board Chairs and Board Members to acquire a practical knowledge of Good Governance through success stories presented by their peers.  If you and your Board have asked themselves "How could we govern our camps better?", this session is for you.

Please find many of the materials discussed in the session below:

  1. Participants notes and findings from the session
  2. Habonim Dror Camp Moshava "Questions on Board Structure"
  3. Habonim Dror Camp Moshava "Governance Framework"
  4. Camp Eisner and Crane Lake "Board Member Job Description"
  5. Tamarack Camps "Board Retreat 2008 Agenda draft"
  6. Use outside consultants/Grinspoon mentors